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All orders are despatched when they are complete unless we forsee a delay with an out of stock item, in which case we will send the order in two parts.

Delivery Cost

All CD/DVD orders to the UK are shipped by first class post at a rate of £2.00 for one CD, £4.00 for 2-3 CDs and then £1.00 per subsequent CD. Vinyls are £4.00 for one and £2.00 per subsequent LP.


CD/DVD Orders to Europe are shipped via Air Mail at a rate of £4.50 for one CD and £1.50 per subsequent CD. Vinyls are £7.00 then £3.00 for each subsequent LP.


Worldwide CD/DVD orders are shipped via Air Mail at a rate of £5.50 for one CD and then £2.00 per subsequent CD. Vinyls are £10.00 then £5.00 per subsequent LP.


Where orders contain a mix of CD and vinyl, subsequent items are charged at the cheaper rate - for example, a UK order containing 1 LP + 1 CD costs £5.00.


For customers based in Leicester we continue to provide a free local delivery service where possible or you may collect your order from us.


Delivery Schedule

Most orders are shipped within 10 days. This can vary depending on whether an item is in stock at the time, in which case it would be shipped within 48 hours (unless further items not in stock are required to complete the order). In most cases, US import titles are usually ready to ship in 2 weeks. Euro and Japanese imports within 3 weeks. Delivery time of UK titles can vary depending on the label concerned. In all cases, delivery schedule can fluctuate depending on the availability of certain items.


How To Order From Us

If you would like to order any CDs or records from us you can order by post, by calling us on 0116 2885788 or email us at


Order By Post

We welcome orders via post. Just give us a call first or drop us a line detailing your requirements and we'll let you know if we can supply and the price.


Please remember to calculate the correct delivery cost and enclose your cheque (payable to Knighton Music Group).

Orders, wants lists or any other correspondence should be sent to:
Knighton Music, 14 Heddington Way, West Knighton, Leicester, United Kingdom LE2 6HF.


Telephone Order Line

A convenient way of ordering is to give us a call. We can check availability for you and advise you on payment methods. You can pay by credit/debit card, Paypal, bank transfer or cheque. You can reach us on 0116 2885788.