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Listen to some of our fine quality transfers:

Vinyl LP clip Vinyl LP clip (WAV file transferred at 32-bit, 44100 Hz)
78rpm clip 78rpm record (WAV file transferred at 32-bit, 44100 Hz)


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Two of our Vinyl Transfer Tables: Linn Axis & Rega Planar 78
Two of our vinyl transfer turntables: Linn Axis & Rega Planar 78

Tape Cassette & Minidisc to CD

tape cassette transferred to cd

Who said the musicassette is dead? Not at Knighton Media. Dig those tapes out the glove compartment and let us get them onto CDs for you. We can also transfer from minidiscs. More


Vinyl or Tape to Audio Files (FLAC, WMA or MP3)

Want to listen on a portable player or in the car? We can convert your records or tapes into audio files for transfer to a portable drive. More



Video Tape to DVD

vhs & 8mm camcorder video tape transferred to dvd

Dig out those old videos from under the TV and watch them again on your DVD player. Enjoy your wedding day or your kids birthday party all over again by transferring your old camcorder* footage to a shiny new disc. No winding and rewinding, no dropouts or tape jamming your video recorder. Just pop your DVD into your player and travel back in time to those good old days.



*Please note we can only transfer camcorder tapes if you can provide a working camcorder to connect to our DVD recording rquipment.


How to Order

You may order by post or by calling us on 0116 288 5788. You may find it helpful to read our terms & conditions.


About Knighton Media

Knighton Media offers a range of services for the transfer of various media onto CD & DVD discs or portable storage drives. You will need to send or deliver your records safely to us and we will carefully copy them at the very highest quality. All prices quoted are subject to return mailing costs which are extra. If you wish to deliver and collect your order directly from us, for specialised requirements or for more information please call on 0116 2885788.


Vinyl to CD Transfer

vinyl lp records transferred to CD

Listen to your old records again and let us transfer them on to a CD you can play on your music system at home or in the car.


Using high quality equipment to extract the finest sounds from your LPs, we will ensure your music sounds as fresh as the day you bought the vinyl. By using Linn & Rega turntables we ensure every last ounce of detail is transcribed from the groove for the best possible fidelity. More


78rpm Records To CD

78rpm records transferred to CD

Don't leave those golden oldies to gather dust in your attic! Bring 'em down and we'll bring your memories to life with our high quality 78 transfer service.


Using a Rega P78 turntable for the highest possible definition, you simply won't believe how dynamic and exciting an old shellac record can sound. Whether it's Caruso, Mantovani or Elvis, we'll ensure your old records sound like they never did on an HMV windup. More