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Please specify when ordering or sending your tapes how you want the DVDs presented, i.e: three tapes on three seperate DVDs or specific clips from several tapes onto one DVD.


Note that DVD capacity allows for up to 2 hours playback time. Videos that run for longer will be spread onto two DVD discs.


*Please note we can only transfer Video 8mm camcorder tape. We do not have the facility to transfer VHS-C unless you can provide the correct adaptor.

Order Video Tape to DVD

We can transfer your VHS or 8mm camcorder tapes to a DVD, either a whole tape in one go or a compilation taken from several tapes. Each DVD is supplied in a plain sleeve with contents/details as supplied. We charge per video cassette for this service.


VHS/8mm* Video Tape to DVD disc

From £ 17 per video tape  

Return Mail: £ 4.00 for 1 video tape, £1.00 per subsequent video tape



*All transfer projects can vary so prices quoted here are published as a guide only. Please call/email us for a quote.