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Please specify when ordering or sending your tapes how you want the DVDs presented, i.e: three tapes on three seperate DVDs or specific clips from several tapes onto one DVD.


Note that DVD capacity allows for up to 2 hours playback time. Videos that run for longer will be spread onto two DVD discs.


*Please note we can only transfer camcorder tapes if you can provide a working camcorder to connect to our DVD recording rquipment.


*All transfer projects can vary so prices & return mail cost quoted here are published as a guide only. Please call/email us for a quote.


 For valuable and treasured items we recommend posting via Royal Mail's Special Delivery service rather than standard first class as estimated above. We'll send your parcel back and charge you the same price you paid to send them at the post office.


Order Video Tape to DVD

We can transfer your VHS or camcorder tapes* to a DVD, either a whole tape in one go or a compilation taken from several tapes. Each DVD is supplied in a plain sleeve with contents/details as supplied. We charge per video cassette for this service.


VHS/ Camcorder Video Tape to DVD disc

From £ 20 per video tape  

Return Mail: £ 5.00 for 1 video tape, £2.00 per subsequent video tape


We can convert your VHS Video Tapes to DVD
We can convert your VHS Video Tapes to DVD