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Knighton Internet will not only design and optimise your website but will assist you in maintaining & promoting it throughout the year. From adding your latest products, news items and other general updates, we will keep your website current and fresh, another major factor in how high Google ranks your site in the search engine listings.


You may also want to look at avenues to promote your business further such as social networking. Facebook & Twitter have become more than just places to network with friends and many companies are using these platforms for promoting their businesses. You'll need to keep them up to date but with a bit of work you will find this an excellent avenue to explore for promoting special offers and sales on your main website. If you want to explore social media for your business then we can help you.


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If you require more information on our services please email or call us on 0116 288 5788.

Links Management

link management

A major factor in the ranking alogorithm of search engines like Google is how the rest of the web relates to your site. A website that is linked to from another website may be interpreted by a search engine as a vote in its favour, particularly if the site has a similar subject or line of business. You don't want to be linking up with poorly designed sites, nor those which have a low page rank or unrelated content. A good quantity of links from high quality, subject-related websites pointing to yours is an important step towards search engine recognition and can determine your website's position in the search results for your main keywords.


As part of our seo service, we will manage all your link-building efforts for you. We will always prioritise this as it could raise your site's pagerank and lift your site to a position where people will find it quickly on Google. By acquiring links over time from high quality, relevant websites you'll see your website naturally progress in the organic listings. It's important not to overlook the value of inbound links when considering your site's position on Google.


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We don't need to have built your website to help you improve its performance. If you have an existing website we can run an audit on it and advise you on the changes that could enhance both its aesthetic and its position in the search engines, a critical factor in gaining new business online. Call us on 0116 2885788 or email us today to request a free consultation.


Search Engine Indexing

search engine indesing

If we build a new website for you we will ensure your site gets listed in the main search engines. Offered as a standard element included in our design service we always ensure your site is indexed by the likes of Google and Bing.


Search Engine Optimisation

search engine optimisation

Knighton Internet has an impeccable track record in optimising websites for search engine success. With all our clients enjoying top ten, first page listings for their main keywords in Google, we will ensure your website gets noticed - even if we didn't build it for you!


When we optimise your website we will ensure the content on the pages is correctly and attractively presented to your website visitors and in a manner Google likes to see. The on-page text, the html code, page title, keywords and links from other relevant websites are critical factors in how search engines like Google will evaluate and rank your site. We know how to put this in place for you and ultimately this leads to site visibility, more visitors and more sales.


We have over 20 years experience in developing and optimising websites that have dominated the search engine listings by using proven techniques that conform to strict guidelines. This ensures that the sites we look after grow organically and remain unscathed when Google introduces updates to its engine (like panda or penguin) to ensure the websites it shows in its results are relevant and of high quality. Many poorly or over-optimised sites have suffered badly due to these updates - not ours! In fact the ones we maintain often get promoted even higher when this happens. Making your web presence smarter will ensure your site is loved by Google.